What is the Vintage-Metal-Works Difference?

The path to Vintage-Metal-Works is well traveled.  In 1945, AD Bolton moved the Chevy dealership in the area with 12 employees and 10,000 square feet of showroom, offices and repair bays. Car guys “get it” walking into our one-of-a-kind shop located at 1556 S. Broad Street in downtown Commerce Georgia next to City Hall. From time to time, we have people dropping by who purchased a car from the dealership and we appreciate the stories about the dealership.

Beyond the collection of car memorabilia, look closer and you’ll notice the shop layout is built for continuous improvement where we implement 5 S and Kaizen. Mentioning the path well traveled, it began with founder Jim Davis.  Jim trained as a engineering intern helping old school engineers at Pratt and Whitney Air Defense and later worked at Gulf Stream Aerospace and Lockheed Fire and Missile Control. The approach and inspiration to any car may seem unorthodox to those who visit our shop. In truth, but we beleive there must be a better way to build a car. With continuous improvement, we deliver a predictable and better outcome. Looking forward, our heart is to meet people who share our passion for iconic cars.

Come see us sometime in downtown Commerce Georgia right next to City Hall.

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